About Us

Inspiration from the Japanese knitting and craft scene.

amirisu is a print and online magazine that launched in August, 2012. It is the only online magazine focused on knitting and related crafts in Japan. We aim to bring interesting contents to young knitters who want to knit what they can actually wear everyday. Since 2014, amirisu has been available in print and as a subscription. We also sell Japanese books, needles, notions, and original items from Japan.


amirisu was established by Tokuko Ochiai and Meri Tanaka after a few years of collaboration as "amirisu magazine". The two started the magazine with an aspiration to modernize and revitalize the Japanese knitting industry.

Now the magazine is available in print and is distributed through more than 80 partners around the world.

amirisu is based in Kyoto, Japan in the heart of the Japanese textile industry, as well as the main shop run by amirisu, WALNUT Kyoto. In 2015, the second shop, WALNUT Tokyo was opened in Omotesando, Tokyo. 

amirisu also runs an annual retreat in Nasu, Japan.

Our Portland (OR) office opened in June 2016.


amirisu meri


Co-owner of amirisu and the editor of amirisu magazine.

Meri is in charge of the US operation and business development, as well as the webmaster.