Hiroshima Needle 6 Piece Gift Set

Hiroshima Needle 6 Piece Gift Set

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This gift set includes 6 of the most popular Hiroshima needles from Tulip.

Hiroshima has a 300-year tradition of needle-making and remains the largest producer of needles in Japan. Known for their superior quality, Hiroshima needles are flexible, warp-resistant, and smooth.

Each Set Contains 6 Needle and Pin Types:

Sewing Needles #9 Sharp Tip
Assorted Milliners Needles Straw #8-#10 (Thin)*
Quilting Needles #10*
Appliqué Needles #10, Big Eye*
Assorted Embroidery Needles #7-#10,  Sharp Tip (Thin)
Patchwork Pins

*Superior polished finish

Package Size: 170 mm x 143 mm x 40 mm

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