Daruma Thread Hanao
Daruma Thread Kyonojo
Daruma Thread Hakusan
Daruma Thread Kasumigaura
Daruma Thread Hyakujuro
Home Thread Ball

Home Thread Ball

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100m x 5 balls


Home thread of ball-type. We reproduced the form had been sold at the time of our company foundation. It nestles up to our daily life as for button sewing and repair, and occasionally it also can be embroidered or stitched as if drawing freely by bundling. DARUMA THREAD with a good gloss is strong and its sewing feeling is well having been provided reliable quality since our company foundation. We are going to sell it were dyed cordially in Murasakino, Kyoto and selected colors with image of the Japanese place name.

Hanao (This is the color of irises blooming profusely in the spring in Yamaguchi prefecture.)
Kyonojo (This shows the mossy mountain trails covered with dew on the way to Mount Kyonojo.)
Hakusan (This shows the azure skies and lush forests seen from the top of Mount Hakusan.)
Kasumigaura (This shows the peacefulness of Lake Kasumigaura's yacht harbors.)
Hyakujuro (These are the cherry trees of Hyakujuro in full boom.)

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