DARUMA Home Thread Ball
Daruma Thread Hyakujuro
Daruma Thread Hakusan
Daruma Thread Hanao
Daruma Thread Kasumigaura
Daruma Thread Kyonojo

DARUMA Home Thread Ball

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Strong, reliable, glossy thread for button sewing and repair, embroidery, or any stitching craft. Dyed in Murasakino, Kyoto.

Each Set Includes:
5 x 100m balls
100% Cotton
Made in Japan

Hanao: The colors of irises blooming profusely in the spring in Yamaguchi prefecture.
Kyonojo: Colors of the mossy mountain trails covered with dew on the way to Mount Kyonojo.
Hakusan: Colors of the azure skies and lush forests seen from the top of Mount Hakusan.
Kasumigaura: Color shades of the peacefulness of Lake Kasumigaura's yacht harbors.
Hyakujuro: Colors of the cherry trees of Hyakujuro in full boom.

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