Knina Swivel Knitting Needles (24"/60cm)
Knina Swivel Knitting Needles (24"/60cm)
Knina Swivel Knitting Needles (24"/60cm)

Knina Swivel Knitting Needles (24"/60cm)

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Knitting has never been so easy than with Tulip's bamboo circular needles. The attention to detail and extreme craftsmanship has enabled the bamboo needle tips to have a smooth connection, preventing the cable from twisting during knitting. Additionally, the cable and needle are no longer solidly fixed, which allows the user to rotate the needles freely. The sharp needle point makes knitting comfortable. 

Needles: Bamboo, Join: Brass, Cable: Nylon
Made in Japan

Sizes: US 2.5 (3.0 mm) - US 17/12.00 mm

Note: Tulip has changed the US size listing for their 4.00 mm Knina Swivel needles. We have updated our website to list their 4.00 mm needles as US 6, but you may receive needles in the previous US 5.5 packaging. As shown by their millimeter size, these needles are the same size.

For the following sizes, please order needles with the new packaging:
No.3 / 3.25mm, No.4 / 3.50mm, No.5 / 3.75mm, No.7 / 4.50mm, No.8 / 5.00mm

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